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Noah Garcia: Recognized by Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation’s “Military Matters Pro Bono Spotlight”

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Firm News

Noah Garcia has been recognized as the June honoree for the Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Foundation’s “Military Matters Pro Bono Spotlight.” The Spotlight is a monthly recognition of outstanding work by volunteer pro-bono attorneys in the KCMBF Military Matters network, which provides free legal services to veterans in Kansas City. Noah also serves veterans through the American Bar Association’s Military bro-bono project.

Noah spoke to the KCMBF about his experiences:

“I have had approximately eight Military Matters case referrals since the inception of the program. I have also been a part of the ABA Military Pro Bono Project – a program similar to the Military Matters program. I have spent close to 60 hours in the past two years on Military Matters cases, including getting a judgment vacated, garnishment stopped, and funds disgorged.

“A successful case I had was defending a veteran from a garnishment that was taking 25% of his wages and he was the sole earner for his wife and four kids. I moved to vacate the judgment and stay of the garnishment, but his wages were still being garnished in violation of the Court’s Order. The court has sided with us and ordered the return of funds to the veteran.

“I’ve also spent a late-night weekend on an emergency matter where the vet had been kicked out of his home, and I remember it being very rewarding to help this man when he was down and felt alone – he was very appreciative that I took his call at night and on the weekend.

“I am also involved in the ABA Military Pro Bono Project, Canine Companions for Independence Kansas City Chapter, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Kansas City. I would donate to the Fisher House and Warrior Dog Foundation until I read that anybody can give money, but it is best to give your time. It has been very rewarding to help KC’s vets.”

Congratulations to Noah Garcia, and keep up the good work!