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Monthly Office Update: Peoria

by | May 15, 2024 | Firm News

The Peoria office is working hard on all of their cases which consist of numerous state and federal court claims in Illinois and various other states across the western half of the country. These include railroad and insurance defense files that present a variety of legal theories/issues with several slated for trial this summer, fall, and winter. For example, locally in Peoria County state court, the office is defending a high profile, products liability claim involving five living plaintiffs and a deceased with the alleged event garnering local media coverage. In the United States District Court for the Central District of Illinois located in Peoria, defense of construction defect and breach of contract claims is ongoing. On a more regional/national scale, the team is working on railroad cases in venues including Cook County, central Illinois, and downstate Illinois as well as Nebraska, Montana, and Wyoming. Rich is pursuing additional business opportunities and in addition to litigating on behalf of existing clients, the Peoria office is also handling cases for new clients. Further, Miranda, Colleen, and Rich are working closely with the Chicago office as part of team Illinois for the firm and they remain actively involved in various community events and causes as well as local, state, and national legal and charitable organizations. Peoria is looking forward to a great rest of the year.