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When An Insurer Has Acted In Bad Faith Toward A Covered Business

When a business submits a legitimate claim to an insurer, the owners or managers of the business rightfully expect the insurance company to respond appropriately by considering the merits of the claim and, if it is valid, paying out benefits in a timely manner. The claim might be for storm damage, theft, property damage, business interruptions or other losses. As a policyholder, the business should receive benefits when the terms of the policy match the circumstances.

Unfortunately, both individuals and businesses sometimes encounter a stone wall when asking an insurer to make good on the terms of its policy claim. Insurers may assert that premiums were paid late or that a loss event falls within a category of exceptions. Whatever the cause of the denial or delay, businesses in need of benefits should seek legal help for a resolution.

Remedies To Correct Insurance Bad Faith

When efforts to persuade the insurer to do the right thing are not successful, litigation may be the next step. A bad faith insurance lawsuit may bring not only the missing benefits but also the punitive awards from insurers that have not honored their own policies.

Knight Nicastro MacKay, LLC, offers business clients the advantages of our attorneys’ depth of experience and a strong track record in business and commercial litigation outcomes. Our legal team also includes lawyers who practice insurance defense law, including defense of bad faith claims. In-depth knowledge on both sides of the equation of insurance claims and denials is a valuable asset to our clients.

Consult With A Business Lawyer About A Bad Faith Insurance Experience

Explore issues and options regarding bad faith insurance, coverage gaps and pathways to recovery. To schedule a consultation with a trial attorney about an insurance bad faith claim or lawsuit, call 720-907-6800 or email the law firm.