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Representing Companies In Construction Matters

We are trial lawyers. We see every new case as an opportunity to make use of our skills in court. Our trial lawyers are trained to prepare compelling cases to present before judges and juries on behalf of our clients. At the same time, however, our evaluation of the case may reveal it is in the best interest of the client to go a different direction.

Our experience and legal knowledge inform our ability to steer our clients in the right direction, away from legal landmines. Knight Nicastro MacKay, LLC, possesses a collective wealth of knowledge in numerous dimensions of construction law, including:

Business expansion: As a business prepares to expand to include multiple branches or varieties of operations, construction plans for new facilities are often integral. Many areas of the law governing business expansion can overlap and must be both anticipated and mitigated.

Contracts: When businesses that have been leasing move to construction of their own facilities, numerous critical decisions must be made and formalized to effectively support building projects.

Financing, permits and more: We help businesses remove obstacles and resolve disputes that stand in the way of the successful launching and completion of construction plans. Related issues may involve questions of zoning, land titles and environmental regulation compliance. Our attorneys serve as skilled advisers for our clients during pivotal stages of construction projects.

Liens: Our clients may need to place a lien on a building under construction or get a lien removed. Whatever angle a business comes from with regard to a construction lien, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience to handle all aspects.

Insurance issues: Businesses planning or engaged in construction projects benefit from a comprehensive approach to insurance. Our lawyers advise on what types of insurance to carry, highlight critical parts of a policy, and know how to prevail in cases of claim delays or denials.

Liability defense: For subcontracting businesses involved in construction projects, a defense attorney’s services may be necessary on short notice. Our extensive liability defense experience protects many business clients.

Construction defects: Whether a business is a plaintiff or defendant in construction defects litigation, we protect the rights and interests of that business entity.

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