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Strategic Solutions To Business And Commercial Disputes

Disagreements and confrontations between businesses, between businesses and customers, and between businesses and government regulators sometimes defy simple solutions and lead to litigation. Another option is skilled dispute resolution whether business v. business, business v. customer, or business v. regulation. It sometimes requires more than simple solutions. To move beyond such disputes, business owners and managers need experienced counsel to litigate the matters. That is who we are and what we do at Knight Knight Nicastro MacKay, LLC.

Our attorneys have years of experience and many successes on the books achieved while representing the interests of our business and commercial clients in cases involving issues such as:

The Power Of Prompt Representation

Disputes that escalate and continue can put a company’s reputation at risk and have a negative economic impact on the business. Because KNM has the resources to represent clients in multiple matters, we help clients efficiently navigate in the direction of a timely and just resolution through negotiation, mediation and/or trial.

We are trial lawyers at the core and have delivered many wins for clients in the courtroom. This track record is a tangible asset in new cases, as legal opponents understand that we will carry a case as afar as it needs to go. We also take the time to determine if trial is in your best interest.

Request A Consultation

Our team welcomes the opportunity to evaluate disputes, whether complex or straightforward. We view every proposed step from clients’ points of view, aiming to protect their bottom lines when we recommend the next steps toward resolution.

Call 720-907-6800 or send an email inquiry to reach our legal team. Meet with an experienced attorney to review options for resolving a business or commercial dispute.