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Missouri Rules for Interpleader

Insurers regularly encounter claims with multiple claimants with serious injuries. Oftentimes, this results in the insurer receiving multiple policy limit demands that exceed the available policy limits. The most common example of this situation is car accidents with...

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Kansas Considering Changes to Hearsay Exclusions

If passed, a proposed bill before the Kansas Senate will make it easier for litigants to admit statements made to translators into evidence. The current version of the bill adds an exception to the rule against hearsay, which reads: (ff)  Language conduit rule. A...

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Jon Morrow Elevated to Board Member/Co-Owner of KNM

KNM would like to congratulate Jon Morrow, who was recently elevated to board member/co-owner. Jon is a valuable member of the KNM team and a trusted asset to his clients and colleagues. Over the past four years, Jon has grown the St. Louis office exponentially and...

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