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False allegations of property damage and construction litigation

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Firm News

If you run a construction company, you likely have to deal with a number of stressors every day. From disputes involving clients to issues that arise with workers, there are many different challenges associated with running a construction company. However, construction company owners are often in an especially difficult position when a property owner decides to take legal action. Construction litigation involving property owners arises for various reasons and the allegations are not always true, such as false claims of property damage.

If your construction company is heading to court over a lie or misunderstanding related to property damage, you need to immediately gather any evidence that is available and take steps to protect your business.

How do false claims of property damage surface?

In some instances, property owners intentionally accuse a contractor or construction company of damaging their property even though they know that the damage existed before work began or they are aware that another party is responsible for the damage. In some instances, people are driven by financial motivation, while others want to get revenge (such as those who have a falling out with a contractor or are bitter for some other reason). On the other hand, some property owners do not realize that property was damaged beforehand or they blame the wrong party for property damage when someone else who was performing work on the site was responsible. These issues also apply to construction defects, which is covered by Colorado’s Official State Web Portal.

How can construction company owners protect their business?

If you are preparing for court, you need to review the details of the case and strategies that will help you defend your business. Eyewitness accounts, footage from the site, messages and other forms of evidence (such as contracts) often play a key role in the outcome of such a case. From financial penalties to a shattered reputation and losing future opportunities, the repercussions of these allegations are often very serious.