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Insight from an experienced attorney and new state Supreme Court Justice

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Firm News

 of Knight Nicastro MacKay, LLC recently sat down with Illinois Supreme Court Justice David K. Overstreet. Newly elected to the position, Justice Overstreet spent time with the two KNM lawyers to provide his insight on his new responsibilities and insight into the growth of virtual legal practices necessitated by COVID-19.

The interview began with the newest Justice waxing nostalgically about his longtime love for the “beautiful old building,” where he witnessed the swearing-in of Justice Lloyd Karmeier, whose seat he now fills. He went on to talk about the path he took to this prestigious designation.

In speaking about the legal profession’s future in virtual practices of law – the primary topic of discussion – he lauded the steps taken in response to the pandemic-driven dynamic. While many once-in-person hearings and conferences could still continue as scheduled online, jury trials will likely mandate in-person participation. He cited the benefits of online trials focused on the safety of individuals, not to mention the perks of avoiding travel through ice storms, a common feature of Illinois winters.

The entire article appears in YLDNews, the newsletter of the Illinois State Bar Associations’ Young Lawyers Division.