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Year: 2021

Fixing What’s Broken and Breaking What’s Fixed: Significant Changes to Statutes Governing Total and Partial Losses Could Impact Missouri Claims Moving Forward

On August 28, 2021, changes to Missouri’s Valued Policy (“Total Loss”) Statute (§379.140 RSM0) and Partial Loss Statute (§379.150 RSMo) went into effect. The new version of the Partial Loss Statute arguable governs all partial fire losses losses after August 28, 2021....

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In the first federal appellate decision on COVID-19 Business Interruption claims, the Court finds no coverage for Covid-19 business losses arising from Public Health shutdowns in Iowa.

The 8th Circuit recently issued a groundbreaking opinion in favor of the insurance carrier that is sure to affect COVID-19 Business Interruption cases across the county. In Oral Surgeons, P.C. v. Cincinnati Insurance Company, the 8th Circuit rejected a policyholder’s...

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